Automated Trading The Hard Way

Although transactions in the market are executed in a number of ways, whether electronic or human, a tick in a markets price has objective and could be categorized as either a trade or an investment. Traders and investors, to the market, are simply buyers and sellers of opportunity. However, there is also a third type of person “in” the markets and they target societies conscience.

They are perhaps what a generalized society fears and dislikes about the markets ambiguity. They keep steady pressure on the processing of theory, projections and interventions within societies weakest comprehensions and overwhelm a measured majority into fevered fascination. They persuade the ignorant to request more even as intuition challenges this cycle of conjectural correspondence masked by prompt salutes to data.

The fear, greed and disparity in peoples perception of how the markets alienate those who desire an obtainable wealth, but lack the understanding to harness this wealth, is perpetuated by their arena atmosphere that runs mechanized for success even while failing. Itself too far removed and idealistic to either portray or decipher progressively the principals that participants, traders and investors in the market, have been analyzing since its inception.

This third type of people are called news reporters and they and their producers can be unforgiving compared to the market itself. They are just a parasite to the markets wealth and have nothing to do with it’s being. They are automated, instinctive and impulsive but within their true field they often trade value for tenable particulars- usually a discussion of market structure that does not exist proportionate to opportunity for the bona fide trader or investor.

A trade marks the exchange of value for opportunity, not the exchange of opinion which holds little value. Trade to be profitable, not just to be right. They desire to be right, not make you money.