JASO Trade 12/10/13

The levels I have been watching in JASO have worked to my advantage. JASO currently has resistance at 10.55 and despite the intrigue of a massive short squeeze (65% short) I hesitate on following up with a new trade below that level.

In hindsight I should have taken a 10.55 sale as I knew it would be initial resistance. Trying to hit the home run lately, not always a good idea. Not every trade needs to be a position no matter how good the entry looks. I should have nailed that down prior to executing.

Here are a few charts for the most recent trade executed for +1.26 gain. Most of these charts should be on the ST stream.

From summer 2013 showing two levels still relevant 9.10 and 10.55.


The setup for trade entry on multiple time frames.


Bigger picture pivot could be in place.


Resistance at 10.55 shown on 30min time frame.


At 9.96 Jan 10th I was out of the trade on a strong move lower through the TL and MAs at 30min time frame.


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