Jan/Feb 2012 Stream Look-back

I’m starting to hear more and more people calling for tops, everyone is looking for the next big pattern to create a signal- myself included. There is always a need for awareness and familiarity of ones surroundings.

However, with little to note but the current range I began to think back to last years start, which has often been compared to this years, and thought I’d post a few select messages and charts from the stream for perspective.

It is often our own sentiment that keeps us from our best successes. I’ve tried to cut down on noise all together or by writing it aside on a notepad, but there is certainly some here to learn from.

To a certain extent and each in our own way, we measure things in a reverting fashion. Assessing the stability of where we’ve come from drives us to where we want to go as we let go of one level and reach a new.

But at times and like the markets we can find ourselves feeling unsettled- even as we have reached our goal and should be looking forward a pause can strengthen from a look back.

Jan 6, 2012. Chart.
Hard to look past how this all started- HnS $ES_F

Jan 17, 2012. Chart.
Still running at top of channel and 127 extension. $ES_F

Jan 17, 2012. Chart.
Sideways at prior breakout. Some res at 127 ext, under trend line, but no follow through yet. $ES_F

Jan 18, 2012.
Very friendly market. #skeptic $$

Jan 24, 2012.
Bears in bathtubs full of ice. Guess whats been stolen… $ES_F $$

Feb 22, 2012.
$ES_F No signs of weakness. Every red candle since Jan has been a joke, havent held below the 5dma for two months. $$

Feb 16, 2012
Inconspicuous whistling. $IWM $SPY $QQQ $IYM $GLD $SLV $$

Feb 23, 2012.
Take the word “top” out of the dictionary. $$

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